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Jump-start your programming journey now!

So I heard you are considering learning to code?

Perhaps you already know a thing or two - that's great! However, don't stress out if you don't even know where to begin - that's exactly what my guide is for. The path to success is very long, but you'll make it much easier for yourself if you have a plan in mind. The amount of stuff that's required of you to be familiar with is truly overwhelming and can be downright discouraging. Some of you might even think that they missed the last train: "There is no way I can catch up - these guys have been at it for years!". However, that line of thinking is stupid - it's never too late! In fact, the amount of stuff you can become capable of in just a few weeks is pretty impressive. All you need is a plan!

Luckily, i've got everything to help you out. The links below should provide you with more than enough to get motivated, do your first steps and get a direction for your future professional (and personal!) development. Take your pick:

Or read them all one by one to get a better picture of what's what!

No matter which path you'll chose, stay patient and strong. Feeling stupid is okay. Good luck!