About Me


These days, I embarked on an insanely exciting quest to build a very-NDA high-tech product at STX Group, world's leading Environmental Commodity Trader. Carbon offsets, Energy Attribute Certificates, biofuels, renewable gas, solar, wind and hydro - you name it, we trade it. And we're gonna disrupt the ClimaTech industry very hard, and very soon! I guess I'm a Senior Product Manager with a side of everything data?


I successfully finished a freelance contract at Booking.com in a Senior Product Manager role, leading the Guest Messaging & Messaging Infrastructure teams across all platforms and helping the company accelerate its growth globally.

I also started collaborating with HUMANS, a fresh startup that aims to build a community of founders and investors in the Web3 space, acting as an advisor on Product & Data topics for CEOs and top managers in the field and hosting trainings and workshops from time to time.

Next to it, I am partnering with Finom, a business banking solutions provider for companies in DE/IT/FR/NL/BE, advising management on the specifics of the Dutch fintech market and helping Finom establish a network of partners in the Netherlands.

And lastly, I helped a few friends build Introed.com as the sole full-stack engineer and data generalist. Introed is a unique platform (WIP) that connects business leaders and sales professionals to give every startup founder access to a quick, efficient and "no-extra-overhead" way of scaling their business. Currently raising money!


I worked at Bitpanda (Vienna-based multi-asset investment platform and Austria's first fintech unicorn) as Product Manager: MarTech & Websites, followed by a Senior Product Manager: Data role at Kraken Digital Assets (US-based cryptocurrency exchange that's #3 largest trading platform for crypto assets in the world).

I'm also started actively developing Fintech Compass, a comparison website for digital banks and investment platforms in Europe that I started as an engineering challenge back in 2020.


After close to 3 years of working at bunq (Amsterdam-based digital bank and the Netherlands' latest fintech unicorn), I left the company as Head of New Product Development in December 2021.


In August 2015, I quit my job, packed my bags and moved to the Netherlands, the country I've been calling my home ever since.


Started on my degree in Economics at Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia.


On May 23rd, I was born in Leningrad, the USSR.

Less than 4 months later, the whole country fell apart and the city was renamed to Saint Petersburg, so technically, neither of the two original places exist any more. This sometimes makes for hilarious issues with paperwork and I get to see some random clerk look for these places in dropdown menus and complaining I made it all up.