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Amsterdam: City of Adventure

Oh, Amsterdam! A city of sin, a city of freedom.

When you first come here, it's pretty easy to get lost. An unknown language (despite the fact that everyone speaks English), an environment you're not familiar with, thousands of drunk Brits and a bunch of Chinese tourists can all amount to a pretty 'meh' experience. However, don't be discouraged - the city itself is amazing, there's plenty of stuff to see and do.

Besides, it's the XXI century and it seems like you made it to my website (somehow), so you are definitely in for a good time! Amsterdam has a lot to offer regardless of what you initially came for. True, the weather is usually pretty bad, there is no "local" cuisine you would genuinely want to come back to and the locals can be seen as pretty weird or straight up offensive... However, none of this should stop you from having an amazing time! Be aware, however, that it's also pretty easy to have a mediocre time here! If you only stick to Red Lights District, eat at shitty breakfast places with eggs that cost €12 and drink Heineken after going to Bulldog... It's not going to be an amazing vacation, let's put it this way.

Which is exactly why I created this website. Amsterdam is a breath-taking place and it deserves to be enjoyed properly. And here is how I'm going to help you with this:

This website is very early in the development cycle so expect updates often and fork it on Github!